Purging compound ALLESKLAR
 - ALLESKLAR is a chemical based purging compound(surface chemistry),
   which removes contaminants with low pressure from metal surface.

 - Elimination of carbon contaminants : Form a liquid film on metal surface
   and discharges from machines with low pressure.

 - Advantage of ALLESKLAR

  GH VENT plug
 - The GH VENT has the unique shape and configuration, which provides
   different degassing capabilities with special durability to meet customers‘needs.
   And it is easy to replace.

 - GH VENT is more than twice life cycle as durable as other (Japan made) VENT plug.

 - You can reduce the cost in VENT plugs themselves more than 1.3 to 3.25 times comparing
   to the other VENT plugs (Japan made).

  Super Clean
 - “Super Clean” is a pruging compound that solves the promblems of color& resin change.
   It reduces your time and efforts to clean the machine, and increases productivity.

 - Clean Effectiveness

  Miracle Boy
 - High-performance filtration device for lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and thermal oil (99.9%)

 - By combining the merits of depth filtration and surface filtration, the element performs
   effectively with the large trapping capacity.

 - Recommended application

  Eco Eco Cleaner
  -  Biodegradable “Eco Eco Cleaner” is ideal for cleaning oil dirt,
    descaling and removing sludge.

 - Usage examamples (General)

 SAM is able to provided many MIM products, endoscope for medical treatment and industrial use,
 fiber optical connector frames and optical fiber amplifiers, medical parts of syringes, key parts,
 camera parts, gear parts and so on.
  MIM can mass-produce easily even complex three dimension from which is difficult for
  mechanical processing because of using injection molding.
   Cost efficiency
  MIM process is achieved remarkable cost down due to free design-ability, less process,
  lightweight and unifying parts.
   High mechanical properties
  Sintering to near full density gives excellent toughness, elongation and other dynamic properties.
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